Early Access Edition

Our course is now available in its Early Access phase. While currently under development, this offers you a unique opportunity to access content as we create it, and shape the final product with your invaluable feedback.

Please bear in mind that during this dynamic developmental phase, course content - including videos, quizzes, and lessons - may undergo changes as we continually strive to enhance its quality and relevancy.

As of now, we have finished 5 out of the 8 planned sections. These sections will be gradually released to give you ample time to absorb and review each one.

We invite you to join our DiveInto community on Slack through this link https://community.diveinto.com - Once there, be sure to check out the #KCNA channel to connect with like minded learners and share insights.

Stay informed about the latest content updates and announcements via our Slack channel, as well as on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jamesspurin) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesspurin/). This allows us to keep you in the loop, and lets you engage with us, helping shape the final course to best suit your needs.

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