What is Cloud Native, the Linux Foundation and the CNCF - Study Tips

The course includes designated "Study Tips" sections, such as this one, to guide your attention towards specific segments in the subsequent video. These segments are particularly relevant for the KCNA examination.

While the content of this course surpasses the examination requirements, it is essential for participants to possess a foundational knowledge and profound comprehension of the technologies and principles to utilise them effectively. Thus, the "Study Tips" sections serve as a roadmap, highlighting the pivotal areas for attaining the KCNA qualification.

The upcoming video offers an in-depth introduction to Cloud Native and its relationship with its overarching organisation, the CNCF, and its parent entity, The Linux Foundation. Furthermore, the video dives into the historical evolution of Kubernetes and its transition into the management purview of the CNCF.

For your KCNA exam preparation, it is important to focus on:

  1. The identity and purpose of the CNCF
  2. The inception of the Kubernetes project: its creators and its association with the CNCF

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