Quiz Summaries Overview

In the comprehensive curriculum for the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) program we have explored a range of topics related to the KCNA examination.

To facilitate effective review and consolidation of knowledge, summaries of quizzes from each section are provided. This approach enables candidates to assess their understanding and readiness for the examination.

Each section within this curriculum is assigned a percentage value, indicative of its significance in the overall examination. Additionally, for enhanced clarity and guidance, each quiz question is accompanied by a reference in parentheses to the relevant lesson. This feature is particularly beneficial for candidates needing to revisit specific content areas.

For candidates preparing to undertake the KCNA examination, I recommend that you revisit any sections where you have found a question challenging.

Understanding why an answer is correct vs the correct answer will substantially increase your likelihood of success both in the exam, and with the use of these skills in your profession.

It is also advisable to allocate study time proportionately across all sections, with emphasis on those carrying higher percentage values in the examination structure.

Good luck!

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